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9 Planners to Try in 2024

'Tis the season… to buy a new planner!

Some of us love our physical planners, some of us don't, and some of us really wish we did but always seem to forget they exist (hi, it me).

In the Fiber Business Collective this month, we had our annual Planning Party with our Assistant Coach Jen Parroccini. She's SO good at helping us all focus on mapping out our next business year. (Of course, you are invited to join the FBC and watch the replay!)

In honor of the 2024 Planning Party, members have been sharing which planners they've purchased and I'm going to share their recommendations with you!


My Pick:

Laurel & Denise Undated Vertical Weekly Planner

An open weekly planner lays on a yellow background, surrounded by green ribbon, pens, and branches. Labels with arrows point at sections for monthly plans, daily schedule, daily priorities, monthly and weekly to-do lists, and weekly plans.

I'm such a “big vision” person. Being able to see my weekly AND monthly spreads simultaneously gives me a thrill. This might be the planner that turns me into a “planner person” (I say this every year).  Shop the Laurel Denise Undated Vertical Weekly Planner.

For Those Embracing Their Inner Woo:

2024 Astro Planner

A planner is open to a page titled "My Chart", which has spaces to illustrate your zodiac chart.

Need to get in touch with your spiritual side? Try this planner that includes rituals, planetary movements, and prompts for reflection.

For Purists:

Moleskin Weekly Planner

A planner lies open, showing a weekly spread in mid-July on one side and a lined page on the other. A light beige ribbon bookmark lies in the middle.

Appreciate simplicity? The Moleskin Weekly Planner is the perfect traditionally laid-out planner. 

For Minimalists:

Nuuna Planner

The bottom corner of a planner is seen close up, showing a dotted page with a calendar in the bottom corner. The edges of the pages are striped blue.

One member ended up using a Nuuna Journal, but the planner option also gives plenty of space to lean into your inner bullet journal lover.

For Aesthetes:

Apartment 128 "The Daily Planner"

A pink planner, labelled "My Daily Journal" lies on a table next to a glass of water with lemon. The sunlight refracts through the glass onto the planner cover.

Sometimes, you just need a planner that's gorgeous. The Daily Planner is a quarterly planner and includes habit trackers, gratitude exercises, and more.

For Daily Deep-Divers:

Hobonichi Cousin Daily

A planner is open, showing a grid layout for each day, and Japanese characters at the bottom.

If you REALLY love to map out your day (honestly, though, who doesn't?), the Hobonichi Cousin Daily gives an outrageously generous and flexible spread to get extremely detailed every day.

For the More Visual:

Intelligent Change Productivity Planner Cards

A black box of productivity planner cards stands next to an example of one of the cards. The card has spots for tasks, and mood tracker, and the date.

If you're not really a planner kind of person, maybe these planner cards will be a better option! They are simple, beautiful, and can live right on your desk.

For Digital Babes:


An example of an Asana board, which shows various blocks for different tasks, ideas, and planning.

Sometimes, digital is better than physical. Asana is a favorite tool of many of our members and the best part is that there's a free version!

For the Truly Overwhelmed:


An example of Motion's interface, which shows a day planned out with time blocked out for different tasks.

Another digital option is Motion. This app does cost, but you can put in all of your tasks for the day, week, or month (and their priority level), and Motion will automatically slot in the best times for them. This is SO great when you don't know what to focus on.

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