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Business owner Anastasia stands in a field during golden hour in a white crochet sweater and smiling slightly towards the right.

Stop playing small.

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The membership that gets it.

You & I both know that the fiber arts industry is unique.

We are an industry full of heart-led humans who care deeply about our work and believe that we can use our creativity to change the world.

It's unfortunately also an industry where our work is continually undervalued and overlooked.

We're ready to change that.

The Fiber Business Collective exists specifically so you can have the room to grow into the full-hearted and unshakeable business owner you were meant to be.

Want to know how?


Before the Fiber Business Collective, I felt like hustling was the only way for me to make it - throwing myself into my business full time, overtime, and weekends felt like the only way to succeed.


The Fiber Business Collective is about learning how to identify the why of what we do, but also teaches us as members to work smarter and more effectively within the parameters of our abilities.


If you're a business run by someone who struggles with traditional business and marketing styles, the FBC is great for suggesting and implementing alternative, real-person solutions.

Hannah Thiessen


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