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June 1 - June 30

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Change the way you work.

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"There's no money in this industry."

Welcome to the biggest myth you'll ever encounter.

The fiber arts industry runs almost exclusively on expendable income, so the money is here. It's just a matter of who has access to that money.

Nearly all of the larger players are held by private equity firms (run by white men, I might add...), which have exceptional funding and resources at their disposal.

On the other end of the spectrum, the rest of the industry is held up by micro-business owners (owned by one person who does everything). 

We need more solid players in the middle area to start to even out this uneven distribution of resources. That means you. 

That's what the Fiber Business Collective is here for - to help you become the resilient and unshakeable business owner you were meant to be. Let's get you the money you need to reach your financial goals while making an impact in this industry.


Before the Fiber Business Collective, I felt like hustling was the only way for me to make it - throwing myself into my business full time, overtime, and weekends felt like the only way to succeed.


The Fiber Business Collective is about learning how to identify the why of what we do, but also teaches us as members to work smarter and more effectively within the parameters of our abilities.


If you're a business run by someone who struggles with traditional business and marketing styles, the FBC is great for suggesting and implementing alternative, real-person solutions.

Hannah Thiessen

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