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Anastasia, a white woman with blonde hair, sits on the ledge of a fountain in a park, smiling at the camera.

Change the way you work.

Hi -I'm Anastasia!

What is the Fiber Business Collective?

The Fiber Business Collective (FBC) is a vibrant community for business owners in the fiber arts industry, including yarn, embroidery, and fabric.

We provide resources, education, coaching, and a supportive peer network to help you achieve success and sustainability.

Our mission at FBC is to foster a healthy, resilient, inclusive, and fair industry. We believe that empowering and encouraging small businesses like yours is key to achieving this goal.

With 130 members and growing, we're ready to help you start making the money you've dreamed of!✨

A group of people, and drawn with watercolours and wearing sweaters, smile as they group hug.

What will you do in the FBC?

Thrive in Community

Everyone comes to the table with their strengths and experiences, and we can all learn from each other and work WITH each other in various ways. Our safe, inclusive, and welcoming online and app forums have new conversations unfolding daily.

Acquire Business Skills

You wear a lot of hats in your business that need different skills - without using much of your time!  Each month, you'll get a fresh chance to learn a new skill by taking bite-sized actions. You'll learn by doing, and end each month closer to your goals.

Get Strategic

We all want to take action in our businesses, but knowing exactly WHAT to do and how to be strategic about those actions is critical. You'll learn how to determine exactly which spaghetti noodle will stick BEFORE you even consider throwing it at the wall. 

Anastasia, one hand in her hair, smiles at the camera. A gazebo and park can be seen in the background.

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Anastasia - the founder of the FBC.

I've helped, quite literally, HUNDREDS of businesses in this industry (from small to mid-enterprise level) create profit sustainably. 

My mission is to see more businesses in the fiber arts level up, growing  at a pace they can maintain, balancing everyday tasks in both their work and lives.

I personally invite YOU to train with me and my team inside the FBC and become the strong and capable business owner you were always meant to be.

Learn more about the FBC team>

Jewell, a young woman of color, sits on the edge of a stool and smiles at the camera. She wears white tank top with pink pants.

Jewell Washington

"Before joining the FBC, I was searching for more to spark joy both in community and in marketing my brands in an industry-amplified way that felt professional, authentic, inclusive, and magical. This group’s team-driven approach and process allows an authentic, diverse, and paced path to discover knowledge and resources that really help us shine and have the confidence to become the best versions of ourselves. 

The FBC has helped me to become better, stronger, and wiser as a knitwear designer, community organizer, fiber social media influencer, and businesswoman!"

What's next in the FBC?


Illuminated Ideal Customer

Cast light on your prospective customer in just 90 minutes.

You'll fill out a template for your ideal customer that will help you understand exactly how to speak (and sell) in a way that resonates with them.

A hand drawn woman in a watercolour yellow dress holds a torch. She stands in a cave.


Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Productivity Tools


Know Your Numbers


Getting Started with SEO


Burnout Prevention Month


Your Customer Journey

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