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There is no success without collective success.

To thrive as individual entities in this industry, we need a thriving industry.

Too often, power and recognition are granted only to those deemed appropriate by dominant culture.

We see a different world, where the collective success of
all of us is the key metric for success.


Anastasia Williams

Head Coach

Anastasia (she/her) is your friendly neighborhood Fiber Business Coach, here to help you dream big and take action.

Her main roles are hosting live coaching sessions, making jokes, and running the day-to-day programming of the FBC.

Meet the Team

Jen Parroccini

Assistant Coach

Jen P (she/her) is a knitwear designer, consultant, and a thought leader in the industry, seeing possibilities, not barriers.

Her main roles are pushing members to think deeper in the Slack group and hosting sessions as needed.


Julie Robinson

Assistant Coach

Julie (she/her) is a grading consultant, educator, and designer. She's worked for years in the fashion industry and has found ways to translate her learnings to fiber arts. 

She helps immensely in advising us on programming and activities.

Greg Padget

Community Manager

Greg (he/his) is the lifeblood of our community.  He is a fiber farmer by trade and has experience helping other farmers with their businesses and marketing.

You can always reach out to him for anything you need and he'll always be in the Slack group, giving loads of encouragement and support.


You're ready for this.

The Fiber Business Collective isn't the place you go when you're unsure of whether or not running a business is right for you. 


This is the place you go when you know it's right for you.

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