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Pitch to someone on your list of audiences.

Quest 38




Once you have the list that you've created from Quest 39, you can start to send out pitches! You can always pitch "cold" (meaning, without any introduction or standing relationship), but if you can, try to see if you can ask an existing peer/friend to connect you. This industry really truly thrives on relationships.

When pitching, whether cold or warm, make sure you show some indication that you understand the audience of this publication, blog, social media page, etc. Don't go in blindly and ask without knowing a little bit about who you're speaking to, who they serve, and how you can benefit them and their audience.

I tend to like to have a basic idea of what I think would be helpful to the person/company I'm pitching to, but I also like to build in a little bit of flexibility so that they can offer their thoughts or ideas. Co-creating is the name of the game! When doing this kind of outreach, email is always going to be a preferred method of communication (versus DMs). If someone doesn't respond initially, make sure you send a follow-up email a few days, or a week, later. Sometimes, emails from people we don't know will go to our Spam folders.

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