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Create a list of possible audiences you could get in front of (podcasts, publications, blogs, etc).





It's time to start thinking about where your customer is already at and who they're following. If you can meet them in those places, it is much easier to build trust if you're using a space that already exists and that they already trust.

For instance, if your ideal customer is a fan of Taproot magazine, then finding a way to utilize Taproot's space (either in the publication itself, on their social media feed, or otherwise) is going to be a win for you. Same with podcasts. Your audience could be listening to the Grocery Girls podcast on a regular basis. So, if you're able to be a guest on (or mentioned by) Grocery Girls, then you're going to be hitting the nail on the head.

Utilizing someone else's warm audience makes marketing so much easier. Again, because that audience has already built trust with the owner of the space they're in. If the owner of that space also invites you in, you're going to inherit some of that trust. This Quest may take a little work and asking around to figure out what blogs, podcasts, publications, events, etc exist that would also align with where your audience is. But it's a good list to have on hand and work through (as you may in Quest 28!).

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