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Create a customer journey map for a specific product.

Quest 33




Once you know who your ideal customer is, it's time to start looking at how they will ultimately interact with your company once they've found you.

And this is where we can create what we call a Customer Journey Map. These maps can be made for all different kinds of things in your business (and they can get extremely detailed). We don't need to go that hard with ours... yet.

Instead, what I'd like you to do is take one of your products and offers and create a journey map specifically for that product.

What we want to map out six different stages of the journey:

  • Pre-Journey: This stage will clarify where the customer is BEFORE they enter the official "Journey Map". Questions you'll want to answer:

    • Where is the customer right before they find you and your product/offer?

    • What has driven them to get to this point?

    • What are some of the emotions they've been feeling that have made them want to start looking for your brand?

    • What have they tried to far to solve their problem or acknowledge their feelings?

  • Awareness: This is where your customer actually discovers you. This could be via referral, advertisement, search on Google, etc. What do you have in place to help people learn about your brand?

  • Consideration: Once your customer has discovered you, they'll be going through their options to try to figure out who will be able to help them/give them what they need or want in the best/most efficient/cheapest way possible (depends on your customer). Where else are they looking? What's on your website or various channels that will help your customer make their decision (hopefully in your favor)?

  • Decision: The customer has, happily, decided to purchase from you! This is where we are going to want to look at the checkout process and what that experience is like for them. Is it simple, straightforward, and feels like your business? Or is it complicated and feels very... blah?

  • Service: After your customer has purchased from you what will they be doing leading up to receiving the product or while they are using the product? What customer support systems do you have in place to help them?

  • Loyalty: Once they have concluded working with your product, how will your customer feel? How can you encourage them to want to come back and buy from you again? Or encourage them to share your products with their friends?

I did host a workshop on building a Customer Journey back in the fall of 2021. You can access that here. (It also has a workbook that you can access here.)

Here's an example of Pre-Journey work I did for a luxury kitchen client.

Here's an example of a Customer Journey I did for the same client. And once you've gotten that journey mapped out, I recommend taking a look over it and checking for any gaps. Are you missing places where you can add to the Awareness phase? Is your checkout process generic and doesn't do you any favors in the Decision stage?

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