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Tentative name: Desert Sprite Fiber Company

Yarn Dyer


Hand-dyed yarn but I haven't started making any yet. I am leaving the field of teaching towards the end of May and I would like this to become my full-time job as quickly as possible. My goal is to create yarn that brings about a sense of peace and relaxation. As a teacher, a very high stress job, knitting has often been my tool for relaxing and reconnecting with myself and those around me. Now as I prepare to leave the field, I hope to dye yarn that acts as a retreat and helps people recover from their hectic lives.

My ideal customer:

Still working on this but I picture individuals who work full time in stressful jobs. They like to knit or crochet clothing items (particularly various types of tops). They also like colorways that are mostly solid and can be combined and worn with multiple items in their closets.


Open to:

Collaborations with Dyers, Guest Writing (newsletters or blog posts), Guest Interviewing (podcasts or lives), Teaching or Speaking Opportunities, Offering Yarn Support

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