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Updated: Sep 18

Originally 15% off, we're making it easier for members to get bespoke advice about their businesses.

Advice and support given in a group setting can be fantastic, but there are times when a member just needs a little more customized help.

I'm now offering 35% off of private coaching sessions. My hourly rate is typically $195, but with the discount, this breaks down to $136.50 (or $45.50 every month for three months). Members can access private coaching through my M1R Marketing website and I will send them an invoice shortly before the session with the discount included.

Updated: Sep 1

Because, sometimes, you just need a break.

In the past, the only option members have had to skip a month of their Fiber Business Collective membership was to cancel entirely and then re-enroll when they were ready again. This required a few extra steps and a re-entry of information (which was a little bit cumbersome.

However, we now have a suspension feature, meaning that members can actively choose to pause their account for up to 6 months in advance.

Suspending your account will prevent further payments from being taken out of your account. Your access to the Members Area and the Slack group will be paused, but you will still remain on the FBC mailing list so that you can be informed of events and other information (especially if you want to stop your suspension to attend a certain session).

This is a feature that does have to be done manually by our admin team, but any member wanting to suspend their membership, rather than cancel completely can email Anastasia at

Updated: Sep 1

A New Orientation Course for Members That Have Just Started or are Looking to Re-engage

One of the biggest challenges any membership faces is making things simple for new members. The FBC has gone through many iterations of "onboarding" in the past, but now, we've put it all together in a single course titled FBC Orientation.

The new Orientation course is up and running with its first few lessons, many of which are video-based with captions and downloadable transcripts. As a member joins the course, they can mark specific lessons or walkthroughs as "completed" and work through it at their own pace.

In this course, the current sections include:

  • A welcome message from Coach Anastasia

  • A conversation about our beliefs & values

  • An opportunity for new members to introduce themselves to us

  • Introductions to the existing admin team

  • Video walkthrough of the Members Area

  • Video walkthrough of the Slack group

  • Video walkthrough of the "your profile" section (Coming Soon)

  • An offer to allow us to place members in an accountability group/partnership

  • How to find the next New Member Meetup

  • How to post in the Weekly Check-In channel on Slack

For all members

While, intuitively, FBC Orientation is great for brand new members, it's also a great resource for existing members. Many times, members take breaks from the membership for various reasons and come back to it with a renewed vigor and a desire to "start fresh". This course gives them that fresh start.

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