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Questions: Answered.

We've gathered common questions that get asked in the FBC and pooled them on this page. 

Don't see your question listed?

Managing your account
Can I change my email address? 
I want to change my password.
How do I change my payment method?
Can I suspend my membership rather than cancelling?
How do I cancel my membership?
Navigating the FBC
Do you have any tips on getting about the Members Area?
Slack is confusing.  Can you help me figure it out?
Where can I find the page for upcoming events?
Where can I watch past event recordings?
How can I sign up for an accountability group?
Is there a worshop on newsletters?
What are some different platforms you'd recommend for newsletters?
How often should I send a newsletter?
Do I really need a newsletter?
How can I sign up for an accountability group?
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