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Here, we dream big.

The Fiber Business Collective isn't the place you go when you're unsure of whether or not running a business is right for you.  This is the place you go when you know it's right for you.

It's time to turn doubt into belief

It's time to turn ideas into actions.

It's time to make your fiber business dream a reality.

This is your moment.

The Fiber Business Collective exists specifically so you can have the room to grow into the full-hearted and unshakeable business owner you were meant to be.

Here, you'll find a space to learn the fundamentals of both marketing and selling in a way that feels safe and genuine - meaning that you don't have to ever worry that you're being annoying when you talk about your products or services (no fake countdown timers or scarcity tactics needed).

You'll have the support you need to build a blueprint for your business that allows you to speak to your customers in a language that they understand.  Especially as it relates to the maker and handmade industries.

You can't do this alone.  None of us can.  And none of us have to.  Within the powerfully-engaged Slack group, you will have access to feedback, the experiences of others, and answers to the business questions that we know will continue to crop up for you.

Image by Gabriela Tamara Cycman

Build your foundation

Upon enrollment, you will receive instant access to my signature course, Homecoming, which explores marketing fundamentals and techniques that will help you to expand your reach across channels in a way that speaks to your core.  


Whether you’re building your business “house” from the ground up or you just need to do a bit of renovating to suit your current needs, this course is for you


Five modules will guide you through how to recognize your greatest assets to developing your own roadmap for growth - completely at your own pace


To help your brain absorb the content, there is both written and audio material, as well as a comprehensive workbook with exercises to complete.

Ongoing support

Each month, you'll have access to a minimum of three monthly group calls with me. 


We will have a Micro Coaching call, where you can submit your burning business questions and challenges ahead of time and I will coach you through those issues live. 


The second call will be a Feedback Session, where a few business owners will submit one piece of marketing material ahead of time and I will help you determine what changes need to be made to help you meet the goals of that content.  


The third call is a Co-Working Hour, where all members are invited to jump on a call together and simply work on our own projects.  We are all on mute but present to hold each other accountable.

Every other month, a workshop will be hosted by either myself or another expert on a particular area of business (such as launching, budgeting, photography, etc).  All workshops and calls will be recorded and stored for you to view anytime, which is great if you're not able to attend the sessions live. (Please note that co-working hours are not recorded as we all are muted for the duration of the call.)

Grow together

We are all in this together


You'll have access to a completely private Slack workspace where you can promote your products/services, ask for feedback from other business owners, and join peer groups for specific areas of your industry (whether you're a knitwear designer, yarn/roving dyer, tech editor, shepherd, or otherwise, there's a group for you). 


I don't want to brag but, my business owners, they are amazing in this space.  They are transparent, honest, and supportive.  When you ask a question, you will get an answer!

Group space and support is absolutely invaluable.  Beyond advice and feedback, you'll make business friendships that can lead to collaborations, accountability, and sharing across multiple channels.  It's amazing what you can do when you have a village to lift you up.


Before the Fiber Business Collective, I felt like hustling was the only way for me to make it - throwing myself into my business full time, overtime, and weekends felt like the only way to succeed.


The Fiber Business Collective is about learning how to identify the why of what we do, but also teaches us as members to work smarter and more effectively within the parameters of our abilities. If you're a business run by someone who struggles with traditional business and marketing styles, the BHOA is great for suggesting and implementing alternative, real-person solutions.

Hannah Thiessen

Image by Soraya García

Included in your membership

Access to Homecoming, a foundational marketing course (introvert-friendly!)

Optional accountability groups/partners with quarterly sign-ups

Private and highly-engaged Slack group for community building & questions

Access to previously recorded live sessions & workshops

Monthly group coaching calls, study sessions, and workshops

15% discount on single 1:1 sessions / 20% discount on 1:1 coaching packages

How much does it cost?

You can pay on a monthly basis at $31/month or you can opt to pay an annual amount of $310 (and receive two months free!).  This price will be locked in, regardless of any price increases down the road, as long as you remain a member of the Collective.

How much time will I need to invest?

There's no magic number here, but I find my members do well if they can contribute at least one hour per week to member activities, whether that's attending a live session, watching a replay, working through Homecoming material, or interacting with others in the Slack group.  When you join, I'll send you some tips to get the most out of the Collective.

What happens if I need to cancel my membership?

Life happens and our circumstances change.  I completely understand if you need to discontinue your membership.  You can feel free to cancel or re-join at any time!  Just be aware that any cancellation does result in a loss of access to both the membership material and the Slack group.  Please also note that there are no refunds for any enrollments or recurring payments, so make sure you invest wisely.

What's the difference between the Feedback Session & Micro Coaching calls?
Great question!  Both of these calls are 60-minute group calls, meaning that anyone in the membership who is available can participate at that time.  But here are the primary differences:

The Feedback Session provides an opportunity to get more tailored help with your marketing materials.  You can submit a page from your website, an Instagram post that didn't do well, your social media bio, a potential newsletter subject line, etc., and I will work with you on the call to help you figure out how to best make that material meet its goals.  Being coached does require being present.

The Micro Coaching call is a bit more unique.  I will ask you to submit an issue you're struggling with (such as comparison, knowing your value, etc) ahead of time.  Coaching calls are conversations that happen live - so while recordings will be saved, the actual individual being coached will need to be present so we can talk through their thoughts.  Again, this is a group call and everyone will be able to listen to the coaching. 


Do I have to have a fiber arts business to join?

No, you don't.  The principles of marketing are the same regardless of your industry or niche.  I have a lot of experience in the fiber arts industry and so I'm able to tailor a lot of my examples to those types of businesses.  However, all businesses are welcome.

Please email any further questions to

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