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Share a testimonial/social proof via two different channels/forms of content.





You may have heard of testimonials before. They are a form of what we call "social proof". Social proof, essentially, is "herd mentality". Humans are more likely to try something that many others have tried before (or that their trusted peers, friends, and family have tried before). In our industry, we can certainly use testimonials or reviews for our products. But a strong form of social proof is photographs. Photos that our customers share on social media or send to us are HUGE in the world of social proof. It gives us a way to showcase our products in the hands (or on the bodies ) of different individuals and show the rest of our audience that our products are "safe" to purchase for themselves. Whether you have a testimonial, review, or photo from a customer, share it in at least two places (you know those algorithms are tricky!).

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