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Experiment with a new type/style of content on one of your channels.





This Quest should be relatively easy to explain! Try something NEW! Or different! Or scary! Things that often feel scary to us are only scary because we've never done them before. Our brains rebel against the idea of these "new" things because they're trying to keep us safe. But if you can try something new, and your brain can understand that it's not actually a threat to your safety, it can become less scary and even enjoyable in the future.

(I mean this. I'm living proof of it.) So, if Reels are something that you've never ventured into, give a simple one a shot! If you have wanted to embed a video of yourself speaking and put it in your newsletter, try it out and see how it does. This is really a way to test and experiment what might be a successful form of content for you going forward.

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