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Create one to two slides for your Instagram Stories that include a link button to an offer.





Not too long ago, in an answer to our prayers, Instagram discontinued gatekeeping the ability to add links to Stories for users with less than 10,000 followers. This means that now, no matter who you are or how many followers you have, you can include a "link" button on your Instagram Stories slides! Here are a couple of things that are best practices for this:

  • Warm your audience up with at least one slide before going in and asking them to buy from you. Sometimes adding a quick poll will engage followers enough to continue to the next slide. (It's best if your warm-up slide is relevant to the slide you'll be adding a link to.)

  • Try not to use more than three slides in a row for any one given purpose. This isn't a broad sweeping rule, but a lot of observing has shown that most people get bored after three slides and stop paying attention. So, if you're doing more than three, try to make them engaging.

  • The links you are putting in these slides should be to YOUR products/offers that you are trying to sell during this challenge. That should be a given, but I'm adding it just in case there's any confusion.

No idea how to add the "link" button to a Stories slide. Here are the instructions.

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