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Create a simple link tree for social media (or update an existing one) that has five or fewer links to choose from.





Linktrees are a great way to put several links in one package that can be shared across social media channels. There are many great platforms that offer Linktrees (such as, but a fantastic option would be to create one that is essentially a special page on your own website. That way, all the traffic that goes to that linktree belongs to you.

Personally, I use Flodesk for my email newsletter and they recently started offering a linktree option for users. Their layout has increased my newsletter subscribers, which is a top priority for me and my business.

As for links, I always recommend having a link to your home page or landing page, your email signup list, and a product/offer you'd most like to push.

I do NOT recommend having any more than five links on your linktree. When humans are overwhelmed, we would rather choose nothing than sift through a million options. Make life easy for your audience by giving them top hits. You can change the links in your linktree as often as you'd like, and I recommend changing them frequently to reflect existing promotions or goals.

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