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Create a lead magnet to encourage sign-ups to your email list.





A lead magnet is something that is given to a person in exchange for signing up for your email newsletter. Often, you'll see this as a free eBook, a product discount, a playlist, a digital guide, etc.

I wrote an email newsletter about choosing the right lead magnet this summer and you can read about that here.

Additionally, when Josephine Brooks did the workshop in our membership on building a sales funnel, she did touch on lead magnets as well. This workshop will also be helpful if you're planning to tackle Quests 41 & 42.

You don't HAVE to have a lead magnet - it's not essential. Some people just share what they're going to be talking about in their next email via their social channels and get sign-ups that way. Personally, I did that for a long time. If you're not sure whether or not a lead magnet is right for you, I'd also point you to another workshop we have in FBCTV called Uncommon Email. This is a non-traditional approach to email newsletters and might resonate more deeply with you.

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