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Create a "product demo" video and share on one channel.





Show your customers how your "product" works! If you're a yarn dyer, this might mean showing the winding process with some relaxing music in the background. Or maybe it's showing clips of you knitting different stitches with it. If you're a designer, then maybe showing the final piece on your body and discussing the details of the design. Maybe it's you doing a quick run-through of the pattern printed out and in front of you. You can be creative with this, but there have been studies shown that having a video of your product on the actual product page of your website (or online shop) can be incredibly impactful for consumers trying to decide whether or not to buy. For this Quest, specifically, you don't have to put this video on your shop pages (though you are welcome to do so!) but at least show it on one channel that you have. This could be your newsletter, Instagram account, YouTube channel, blog post, etc.

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