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8 Business Book Recommendations for Spring 2024

A graphic with the title of the blog - "Eight Business Book Recommendations for Spring 2024" - in red and navy blue writing, next to a photo of an open book "taped" to the graphic.

Even with the rise of online learning, books are still one the best and easiest ways to learn new business and marketing concepts. Sometimes, they can completely change the way you run your business. Here are eight books recommended by our Fiber Business Collective coaches and members that we think would be helpful for your business!

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Business Book Recommendations for Spring 2024

Coach Jen's Pick


by David Epstein

A teal book cover with the title "Range - why generalists triumph in a specialized world" in black letters about a photo of silver keys.

"One book I would recommend specifically for [fiber business owners] is Range. We do so many DIFFERENT things, and we get so attached to a particular definition of success. 

For me, suspending that mindset and replacing it with a mindset that no experience is wasted helps me stay in a place where I'm responding to what's happening ‘now.’" - Coach Jen Paroccini

Coach Julie's Pick

You are a Badass at Making Money

by Jen Sincero

A bright greel book cover with the title "You are a Badass at Making money" in black letters.

"[This book] helped me start to shift my ideas about exchanging money for my labor as an entrepreneur.


Having a job with a wage made sense to me, but the idea of little ol' me charging money for my services and creations felt criminal. I default to a scarcity mindset with money, and that has served me well in a lot of ways, but as a business owner it has also held me back. 


Sincero talks about money as a resource, something that can be used and renewed, and that really resonated with me." - Coach Julie

Coach Anastasia's Pick

The Art of Gathering

by Priya Parker

A white book cover with rainbow watercolor spots around the title "The Art of Gathering - How we Meet and Why it Matters" in black letters.

“This book is such a wonderful frame of reference for those of us who are trying to build any form of ‘community’ in this industry. 

Whether it's in-person or online, this book gives so many ideas for enhancing group experiences." - Coach Anastasia

Community Manager Greg's Pick

Whole Farm Management

by Garry Stephenson

A book cover with three photos of farmland under a green circle which has the title "Whole Farm Management from Start-up to Sustainability" in white and yellow letters.

"As a shepherd, the business books that most resonate with me are those on farm management. Whole Farm Management encourages you to look at your business from a holistic perspective. This is so important because every aspect of our business and life impacts how our business operates and manages our quality of life. 


This book comes with supplemental worksheets that help [you] walk through these planning steps and apply them in a whole business approach.  

This book is ideal for both fiber farmers and fiber business owners, who could use the same concepts to establish a sound strategy." - Community Manager Greg

Kristina's Pick

Unreasonable Hospitality

by Will Guidara

A bright yellow book cover with the title "Unreasonable Hospitality - the Remarkable Power of Giving People More than They Expect" in black and white letters.

"If you want tips and examples on how to provide better service to your customers and clients, you’ll find it here. But that’s not really what this book is about.


This book proves that service is maybe the single noblest profession if it’s done right - the positive impact your service can have on another’s life can be massive.


The biggest takeaway for me is that to have such an impact, you must not only endeavor to serve your customers outrageously well, but your collaborators and colleagues and employees too.


This book maintains that unreasonable hospitality, coupled with being exceedingly proficient at what you do, is the secret to success. And proves it." - Kristina McGrath, Tech Tip Talk

Jule's Pick

Stories of Fashion, Textiles and Place

by Leslie Davis Burns and Jeanne Carver

A book cover has eight pictures arranged in a wheel, each with a textile photo. In the middle of the cover is a blue circle with the title "Stores of Fashion, Textiles and Place - Evolving Sustainable Supply Chains" in navy letters.

“I think this book is a must-read for anyone involved in the fiber or fashion industries. Not only does it emphasize the importance of sustainability in supply chains, but it really drives home how strongly the story of a material and where it comes from impact our craft. As fiber artists, we cannot separate our work from the work of those growing and processing the fibers we use.


This book highlights how vital it is to connect the origin of the raw material with every step in the production of a finished product in order to fully understand its value and create a sustainable business.” - Jules Williams, Juliette Pecaut Designs

Catherine's Pick

How to Be You

by Jeffrey Marsh

A white book cover with a hand-drawn blue flower. In the middle of the flower is the title "how to be you" in black letters.

“Something that's been coming up for me a lot in my design work lately is authenticity and how critically important it is for artists to remain true to our unique point of view.


I'm a pretty firm believer that good business strategy starts with a healthy relationship to the self, so most of my business reading these days looks like therapy - and it's made all the difference!” - Catherine Meyer, Ginger Dog Knits

Heather's Pick

The Power of Eight

by Lynne McTaggart

A blue book cover with the title "The Power of Eight - Harnessing the Miraculous Energies of a Small Group to Heal Others, Your Life, and the World" in navy letters.

“The Power of 8 brings to light why focusing on others and being intentional contributes to the greater good and in turn to you. In our industry it’s easy to get caught up in data when considering marketing. 


At the end of the day, it is all energy, and we are responsible for focusing ours to what will best serve us. I have example after example of how setting intentions for others that do not directly serve my goals results in success achieving them.” - Heather Swan, Yarncom


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