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PHiberOptics Knits

Knitwear Designer, Crochet Designer


As an optometrist by day, knitwear/crochet designer by nights/weekends, I bring 20/20 vision to your yarncraft. As a weightlifter, I also struggle to find garments that fit my shoulders. I intend to hone my design skills in garment design, specializing in designs made to fit a variety of body shapes and sizes that are both flattering and engaging to make.

My ideal customer:

My ideal customer is someone who lives an active lifestyle. They're always on the go, so they need a wardrobe to work with that. Their style is a perfect mesh of function and fashion, where comfort and style are synonymous. As a crafter, my ideal customer might be a beginner knitter who is quite adventurous and enjoys reaching beyond their comfort level. They may need a few video tutorials to learn some new skills, but they are a lifelong learner and this is what they enjoy. Or, they may be a an intermediate knitter looking for a pattern with just the right balance of restful work and fully engaged; they want a pattern with some classics mixed in with some challenges.


Open to:

Collaborations with Dyers, Guest Interviewing (podcasts or lives), Teaching or Speaking Opportunities

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