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Lor Cara


Knitten Word

Yarn Dyer


My yarn is a dedication to my Slavic heritage and also points to my love and passion for storytelling, myths, and legends. Back in my teaching days I got to teach some elective classes where I used myths and legends from all over the world to inspire students to write their own stories, as well as teaching about the history of American cakes, which ties in the histories of many different groups and backstories. I want my yarn and my brand to celebrate the stories we tell, that are inspired by the words of the past and creators of the present. There's such joy in crafting and each stitch deserves to be celebrated as a story of its own.

My ideal customer:

I have two ideal customers. One is a millennial woman who is fashion forward, loves expressing herself through handmade items, and values individuality expressed through dress. This person may or may not be a big spender and loves a one skein wonder luxury item/pattern.
My other customer is an older woman, either retired or nearing retirement, with a decent amount of discretionary funds. She loves yarn that is skin soft and knits for herself and family members. Price is often not her main concern when shopping. She is stylish, if not a little eccentric, and she loves to tell everyone about her newest kitted items.

Open to:

Offering Yarn Support, Collaborations with Dyers, Guest Writing (newsletters or blog posts), Guest Interviewing (podcasts or lives), Teaching or Speaking Opportunities

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