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Stilly River Yarns

Teacher, LYS Owner, Knitwear Designer, Crochet Designer


We're a brick-and-mortar yarn shop located in a small town north of Seattle, WA. We focus on fulfilling workhorse yarn needs (with a touch of local and indie-dyed yarns where we can) along with fiber crafting instruction. In the area, we're known for working with beginners, hosting a phenomenal community, and having a genuine warmth and interest for what our folks are up to.

My ideal customer:

My ideal customer is a lifelong learner who understands that progress is not linear, that perfection is not necessarily always the goal, and that there is room at the table for everyone and their questions / crafting targets.

Open to:

Collaborations with Dyers, Guest Interviewing (podcasts or lives), Teaching or Speaking Opportunities

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