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Softyarn Designs

Knitwear Designer


I initially designed ponytail hats with buttons, because I made them for myself and didn't see anything like it on Ravelry. My business has expanded to other types of hats, sweaters, shawls, and other accessories. I have hosted several MKALs and collaborated with a number of indie yarn dyers. The main thing that may distinguish my patterns are the amount of detail in my instructions. My goals are both to avoid head scratching, frogging, poor fit, and other stumbling blocks for knitters and also to feel supported in their project and confident that it will come out in a way that satisfies them. I provide a lot of "pattern preview" notes, details on modifying fit and choosing sizes in garments, and instructions on how to increase the size of most of my shawl patterns.

My ideal customer:

Since developing my email list, I have a much better understanding of who is buying my patterns. My customers are typically women in their 40's - 60's, usually from America or Canada but with a wide smattering of other countries. Shawls are their favorite thing to knit, overall, with a mix of people preferring more intricate designs and those who love easy, relaxing knits.


Open to:

Collaborations with Dyers

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