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Leaf Livestock Wool Co

Fiber Farmer


Hello from Leaf Livestock Wool Co., a lamb and wool farm, located in Northwest Illinois. We raise beautiful Natural Colored Columbia /Rambouillet sheep, Polypays, Merinos and Columbias. I would love for everyone to enjoy the finest spinning fiber and yarn that I am privileged to grow and use for creating. They physical and emotional rewards that accompany raising sustainable lovely wool go far beyond the beauty of the final product!

My ideal customer:

My ideal customer is someone who appreciates creating with homegrown wool. They understand a lot of work went into creating our product, so they don't mind paying more for yarn or fiber.

Open to:

Offering Yarn Support, Collaborations with Dyers, Guest Interviewing (podcasts or lives), Teaching or Speaking Opportunities, Guest Writing (newsletters or blog posts)

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