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Willow Oak Farm and Fiber

Finished Object/Notion Maker, Fiber Farmer, Yarn Dyer


I’m Aleatha Shannon, and Willow Oak Farm and Fiber is the intersection of my love for animals, plants, art, and fashion. My angora rabbits are the cutest coworkers ever! I give them the best care I can, with regular grooming, premium food and hay, extra large cages, outdoor exercise time, and protection from our hot Louisiana summers.

My goal is to create the most stunning and luxurious natural fiber blends, worthy of your dream fashion project, and extremely delightful to spin! I also make handspun tassel earrings and accessories that really give off that “eccentric artist” fashion vibe and make unique gifts!

My ideal customer:

Spinners who spin with finished fashion objects in mind and have a strong eccentric personal style. Especially the sort of "earth mama" type who love all things natural. They love soft but somewhat chaotic textures, and love color but in slightly muted tones.


Open to:

Guest Writing (newsletters or blog posts), Guest Interviewing (podcasts or lives)

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