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summer school


build a business that feels like home


you're ready.

No more struggling to make sales.

No more wondering if you can hack it.

No more putting off the big picture stuff.

Let's shake your business down to its foundations and understand how you are going to make this work.

If you're already a member of the FBC, click here to register.

what we're building

Week One: The Foundation

Today's consumers want to support businesses with strong beliefs and the desire to add something meaningful to their lives.

During this week, we'll uncover...​

  • the values that guide your decisions

  • the purpose with which you run your business

  • the customer whose world you're about to change

...and get you implementing those things ASAP so you can make sales right away.

Week Two: The Framework

Speaking of sales, every great business owner knows how much they need to make to survive and how much they need to sell to make that amount. 

Here, we'll dig into:

  • the numbers that will build a "dream house"

  • the pricing strategy you'll use to frame out the way that you do business

Money in the hands of heart-led business owners like you means more opportunities for the world to change for the better.

Week Three: The Invitation

You don't have to resort to uncomfortable marketing tactics to make sales. You really only need to know how to focus on building an amazing customer experience. 

This week, we'll learn:

  • where you send out your "invites"

  • how your customer experiences that invitation

  • how you'll get them to "open the envelope"


Fostering a strong connection with your customers means spending less time marketing overall.

Week Four: The Wiring

This week is dedicated entirely to content ideation.  

We're going to workshop a never-ending list of content ideas so that you always know exactly what to say to engage your audience and have them wanting more from you.


Week Five & Six: 14-Day Sales Challenge

We're going to take everything you've learned so far and put it into action.

This challenge will have you planting seeds that will ultimately grow into, well, not exactly money trees, but trees that definitely make you money.


Green Floral Personal Canva Banner.png

how we're building it

Starting July 24th, sessions will be held:

Every Monday at 11am CST* followed by a
o-Working Hour at 12pm CST

to give you space to implement what you've learned!

If you're already a member of the FBC, click here to register.

*sessions WILL be recorded if you are unable to attend live

the community

This is not your average community.

We've built a special channel in the Slack group for summer school students to engage with each other, share what's working (or what isn't), and ask questions.

As a Fiber Business Collective member, you'll also have access to all the other channels that cover specific topics and areas of the industry!

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If I price this course separately, it would the equivalent of 7 months of membership fees.

But you can join the Fiber Business Collective for $62/month or $155/quarterly.  (The course only lasts for 6 weeks!)

You'll get immense value out of this course AND out of the membership overall. 

My guess is... once you're in, you won't want to leave.


And that's okay with us - stay as long as you'd like!

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